3 things no one tells you about Wedding Photography

A wedding photographer is part of anyone’s wedding planning. Considering the fact that months and sometimes years go into planning the event, you want to capture every moment to look back on.

1. Take the golden hour into consideration

The Golden Hour, or “magic hour,” is the time of day when the sun is on the horizon and 6 degrees above it. This makes for beautiful outdoor shots, minimising contrast and illuminating the photo with a warm glow of natural light.

If you ask your wedding photographer you can work this into your wedding schedule even if it isn’t for the bulk of the photos to be taken. It doesn’t last very long but luckily a few sunset shots of the bride and groom are also a favourite among newlyweds.

2. The devil is in the details

You have spent a lot of time, stress and money to make the venue and décor perfect. Do not forget to include these shots! Get them all- the table settings before people sit down to eat,even the way the napkins are folded is important!

Every sign put up and candle lit should be taken into the consideration. They should not out shine the bride or groom, but get these shots before you lose light or the venue becomes too crowded for a good shot.

This can include:

  • The rings
  • The cake
  • Detailing on the bride’s dress
  • The bride’s bouquet
  • The groom’s cufflinks
  • The table settings
  • And much more

3. Pay close attention so you catch the meaningful moments

This can mean a variety of things and will change from wedding to wedding. However, catching things that will allow the couple to see guests interacting and enjoying themselves will make for a very happy couple. This could be things like:

  • The groom shedding a tear when he sees his bride.
  • The couple holding hands.
  • The best man making jokes.
  • The bride’s mother’s reaction when she walks down the aisle.
  • The moment the bride’s father lifts her veil.
  • The flower girl taking her job very seriously

Candid photos make for the most special wedding photos because they are moments the wedding party will remember but not necessarily know were photographed. This can make the collection of photos all the more special.

Consider multiple photographers or a wedding hire company so all bases are covered.

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