BanhMi: The Rise Of The Vietnamese Sandwich

BanhMi was first made during the French colonization in Vietnam. Little did they know that it is going to become one of the famous sandwiches across the world. It has become famous and is loved by a lot of people from difference races. It is being sold to almost all countries in the world. Famous Vietnamese restaurants are making it a specialty of their business. Some have a lot of BanhMi food chains in many places like in the United States and Asia. You can also find BanhMi in Singapore.BanhMi is enjoyed by many people, both young and old. They eat it for breakfast or as a snack. For some people,BanhMi is sufficient to serve as their meal.

What Is BanhMiMade Of?

BanhMi’s base is a French baguette. The French baguette was introduced by the French to the people of Vietnam during the colonization period. Different types of filling is added to Banh Mi. Basically BanhMi`s filling are roasted chicken, pickled daikon, cucumber, carrots, pate, pickled carrots, sprinkle of cilantro and pickled radish. Later,BanhMi had different versions. There are different types of filling that was added to the bread. There are BanhMi that has seafood, such as squid and shrimps. Some add Vietnamese ham and some add honey cured beef. BanhMi is served wrapped in a white sandwich paper. The herbs and vegetables are added to make a good blend of flavor that makes it delicious.

Where Is BanhMiServed?

Ban Mi is served all over the world. Famous restaurants never miss BanhMi from their menu. Many street vendors are serving their own version of BanhMi as well. It is almost impossible not to see this sandwich being served in all places that are selling street foods in Vietnam. In other countries, Vietnamese cafes and cafeterias sell Banh Mi. You also can buy them from food carts that are stationed in many places abroad.

Is BanhMiHealthy?

BanhMi is made up of the freshest ingredients you can find in the market. Sellers make sure that they serve a freshly baked baguette, with fresh herbs and vegetables. The exploding blend of flavors is guaranteed when the ingredients used to make BanhMi are fresh. Since it has balanced components of meat, vegetable and bread, BanhMi is very good for your health. The vegetables are a good source of Vitamins and the meat is a good source of protein.

When Is BanhMiEaten?

BanhMi is commonly eaten during breakfast. Many people get their energy from BanhMi as they start their day. It is easy for them to grab an order of BanhMi on their way to work. It can be eaten on the go so many people opt to have this for breakfast during their rush hours. It would be easy for them to eat this even though they have already started working. Some people eat BanhMi whenever they feel hungry. Some eat it without affecting their appetite for the main meal. It is sufficient to suppress your hunger. For some other people, they eat BanhMi as their main meal already. People who easily get full can depend on BanhMi as their main food for dinner or lunch.  You can eat BanhMi anytime, anywhere. Some children who go to school even bring Banh Mi.

You shouldn’t lose the chance of trying out this delicious and authentic Vietnamese sandwich called Banh Mi. Surely you will love the taste and you will be looking forward for having another bite. It is easy to buy BanhMi in Singaporesince there are many places that sell them. You also can make them by yourself if you want to. It would be very easy to prepare this sandwich and the ingredients are easy to find. Get tips from your favorite restaurant on how to make a delicious Banh Mi. Buying BanhMi gives you the full value of your money because it is delicious, satisfying and healthy. You can even have different choices of BanhMi since they offer different flavors. You can have the chance to choose if you are in a certain diet restrictions.

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