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It is not a child’s play to take photos of babies and infants. The first thing you need to understand here before knowing any tip or trick is that you are dealing with little ones who can be anything that they want and not what you want. If you are able to understand this fact, there is hardly any tip or trick you need to know, as all tips are based on this very fact only. Baby Portrait Photography is not as easy as other forms of photography where your subject is under your control. The only way to emerge as an accomplished baby photographer is by learning, improving and working passionately and delicately towards becoming one.

Best tips for taking Baby Portrait Photography –

  • Focus on baby’s eyes and aim for soft natural light – Place baby at your eye level or either get down on the floor with baby & shoot at their eye level.
  • Shoot fast! Babies move constantly, so keep your eye on shutter speed.
  • Crop photos to fill the frame. Crop out the clutter and fill the frame with baby’s face. Babies spend a lot of time harnessed in car seats and strollers. Inevitably, you will take photos with distracting elements. Crop it out and you will have the super click.
  • Watch all corners of the photograph & eliminate distracting elements.
  • Remember Mom and Dad – Do not forget to include the supporting cast i.e. the parent.
  • Follow the action – When baby is doing something for the first time have the camera handy at all times. A genuine look of surprise, and even fear, can be cute.
  • Do not forget the details. The small feet & hands are very much precious, & make for great photos.
  • Keep baby’s nature in mind. If your little one likes to run around in the park, take pictures. It is not going to happen if you try to get an active baby to stay still. If your baby likes to sleep, catch her snoozing. Get everything ready and be quick. Smile a lot, and praise baby. They will not stress out when they see the big bad camera coming out if you keep it fun.
  • Do not act in a way that produces blurred pictures. Take care of your hand movements.

Props to use during a
Baby photo shoot.

When you are making a photo session for your small kid the best props will surely be their favorite toys and smile. In addition, the selection of the costume is important.

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