Reasons to try Halal food – even if you’re not Muslim – KW – halal restaurants in Singapore

When one talks about ‘Halal’, the common impression would be that it is Muslim affiliated but more often than not, Asians lack knowledge of what it truly connotes. For instance, in Singapore where there is a wide cuisine variety for both locals and tourists, most diners know nothing deeply about halal’s origin being one of their most favourite cuisines.


Halal 101


Halal is an Arab word that means permissible which means if a delicacy is said to be halal, the meat or ingredients used must have been prepared in accordance to halal law. For instance, the meat ingredient used in any Halal food is to be slaughtered in accordance to the law of Islam which their Holy Bible “Qu’ran” states. This process is called “dhabiha” wherein the slaughterer swiftly slits the animal’s throat using a sharp knife or blade to ensure the mildest suffering and pain as possible. While the slaughterer carries out this process, a prayer is simultaneously being chanted to Allah invoking His name at the least to bless the meat and the recipe itself.


What separates this process from the usual slaughtering practice? Basically, this halal practice of preparing an animal for food paves way for maximum blood drainage from an animal’s body which means the meat gets more cleansed to make it highly recommendable for all types of ages. Halal, they say, is always a must-try, tastier, and more delish.


Fortunately, if you crave for anything Halal, Singapore has got that covered for you with its various Halal restaurants you can find around.


To summarize, below are a few great reasons to try Halal food in Singapore even if you are not a Muslim:


  • Halal food is prepared in a cleaner and safer way. Since the halal’s way of killing animals claims to cause the littlest suffering, the meat that gets produced is said to be cleaner and healthier. Hence, you can enjoy the food all throughout without worrying about any health risks in your mind.


  • Figures show that halal food production is impressive in terms of rate on food poisoning and contamination. As a matter of fact, halal food has the smallest rate of incidences in such issues unlike the ingredients and food sold in major supermarkets and fast food chains that have a high chance of carrying bacteria which are probably brought about by unclean processing and packaging processes together with chemical additives, pesticides, and other harmful contents.


  • Halal food says no to pork forever. While it is true that a lot of mouth-watering and delish recipes throughout the world use pork meat, within the beliefs of Islam and other religious books, consumption of pork is still strictly prohibited. Such a belief has been practiced as the pork meat is believed to be a vector for pathogenic worms to enter the human body. This is aside from the other health risk factors that pork meat can cause like its fatty acid composition.


  • Halal foods are toxic free. One can truly enjoy their halal food at the fullest without worrying about its safety as the halal meat lacks fear toxins which can cause fear and anxiety in humans.


  • Halal foods are alcohol free. They are free from toxins which are harmful to human’s nervous system as well. If human’s toxic level goes out of control, his senses and judgment gets severely affected.


And because everything about Halal is good and highly recommendable, it is no more a surprise how Singapore’s halal food industry continues to boom and never runs out of new customers both local and tourists. However, except for fruits and vegetables and milks and eggs from halal animals, note that not all kind of recipes can be halal. For instance, seafoods like lobster, scale less fish, crab, sea snakes, turtles, calamari, octopus, squid, and other sea food cannot be called halal authentic.

BanhMi: The Rise Of The Vietnamese Sandwich

BanhMi was first made during the French colonization in Vietnam. Little did they know that it is going to become one of the famous sandwiches across the world. It has become famous and is loved by a lot of people from difference races. It is being sold to almost all countries in the world. Famous Vietnamese restaurants are making it a specialty of their business. Some have a lot of BanhMi food chains in many places like in the United States and Asia. You can also find BanhMi in Singapore.BanhMi is enjoyed by many people, both young and old. They eat it for breakfast or as a snack. For some people,BanhMi is sufficient to serve as their meal.

What Is BanhMiMade Of?

BanhMi’s base is a French baguette. The French baguette was introduced by the French to the people of Vietnam during the colonization period. Different types of filling is added to Banh Mi. Basically BanhMi`s filling are roasted chicken, pickled daikon, cucumber, carrots, pate, pickled carrots, sprinkle of cilantro and pickled radish. Later,BanhMi had different versions. There are different types of filling that was added to the bread. There are BanhMi that has seafood, such as squid and shrimps. Some add Vietnamese ham and some add honey cured beef. BanhMi is served wrapped in a white sandwich paper. The herbs and vegetables are added to make a good blend of flavor that makes it delicious.

Where Is BanhMiServed?

Ban Mi is served all over the world. Famous restaurants never miss BanhMi from their menu. Many street vendors are serving their own version of BanhMi as well. It is almost impossible not to see this sandwich being served in all places that are selling street foods in Vietnam. In other countries, Vietnamese cafes and cafeterias sell Banh Mi. You also can buy them from food carts that are stationed in many places abroad.

Is BanhMiHealthy?

BanhMi is made up of the freshest ingredients you can find in the market. Sellers make sure that they serve a freshly baked baguette, with fresh herbs and vegetables. The exploding blend of flavors is guaranteed when the ingredients used to make BanhMi are fresh. Since it has balanced components of meat, vegetable and bread, BanhMi is very good for your health. The vegetables are a good source of Vitamins and the meat is a good source of protein.

When Is BanhMiEaten?

BanhMi is commonly eaten during breakfast. Many people get their energy from BanhMi as they start their day. It is easy for them to grab an order of BanhMi on their way to work. It can be eaten on the go so many people opt to have this for breakfast during their rush hours. It would be easy for them to eat this even though they have already started working. Some people eat BanhMi whenever they feel hungry. Some eat it without affecting their appetite for the main meal. It is sufficient to suppress your hunger. For some other people, they eat BanhMi as their main meal already. People who easily get full can depend on BanhMi as their main food for dinner or lunch.  You can eat BanhMi anytime, anywhere. Some children who go to school even bring Banh Mi.

You shouldn’t lose the chance of trying out this delicious and authentic Vietnamese sandwich called Banh Mi. Surely you will love the taste and you will be looking forward for having another bite. It is easy to buy BanhMi in Singaporesince there are many places that sell them. You also can make them by yourself if you want to. It would be very easy to prepare this sandwich and the ingredients are easy to find. Get tips from your favorite restaurant on how to make a delicious Banh Mi. Buying BanhMi gives you the full value of your money because it is delicious, satisfying and healthy. You can even have different choices of BanhMi since they offer different flavors. You can have the chance to choose if you are in a certain diet restrictions.

Top Ideas Popcorn Makes Your Party Unique

People from all over the world love popcorn. This delectable snack has become a staple among moviegoers, street eaters, and just about every human being, young and old, who want to keep their taste buds satisfied during their free time.

But while popcorn is just about everywhere, its qualities as an all-around treat remain underrated. In fact, it is often snubbed because it is stereotyped as a movie snack, and not a versatile kind of junk food. However, serving popcorn at an event can make your occasion unique, and it’s all about knowing how to do it right.

So yes, if you have a popcorn machine that you can use, then it’s high time to position it in your upcoming event. Here are some ideas that you can use:

  1. Serve an unlimited supply of popcorn.

It is common for parties to have an open bar, wherein you can get all the drinks that you want. But how about unlimited serving of popcorn? Yes, this is a viable alternative to serving finger food in your party, especially when you will be hosting for a big number of guests who would be going in and out of your venue to socialize.

Rather than hand them rounds and rounds of sandwiches, giving them popcorn allows them to enjoy a lighter stomach before and after the main course dining in your event.

Unlimited popcorn servings are also common in children’s parties, mainly because kids like roaming around while munching some finger snack.

  1. Popcorn for theatrical events.

Meanwhile, if you are organizing a theatrical event or program (such as a small performance spectacle), then a good way to treat your guests is by handing them something traditional, i.e. popcorn. This is a good way to promote your event too, as your guests are able to enjoy the show with something to eat at the same time.

You may also serve popcorn (at least one serving for each guest), during other events such as seminars or workshops, as eating finger food allows your guests to stay focused and not fall asleep during lectures.

  1. Serve popcorn as giveaways.

Are you tired of the traditional party giveaways and souvenirs? Do you want something your guests would rather remember in terms of taste and scent rather than actual keepsake? Then you may want to give out popcorn stored in jars or fancy bags to your guests after they attend your event.

Popcorn giveaways are perfect for all kinds of occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, and even christenings. The best part of this is that you are also able to feature gourmet flavours to your popcorn treats, and these will make your guests keep their time shared with you cherished in their memory.

 How get unlimited supply of popcorn for your event

If you are thinking about bringing in the popcorn to your extravaganza, then you may have to contact a popcorn service provider to do the job. These service providers may set up a popcorn machine installation in your event where popcorn is given fresh and hot, or pre-packed in storage containers.

When setting up an on-the-spot serving, then a popcorn machine will be placed in your venue, and this will be the main spot as to where people will get their treat. This can be a great way to serve popcorn, regardless if you’re doing your party in an indoor or outdoor venue.

On the other hand, you may want to order popcorn in advance, including specifications such as flavours and packaging, so that these will be delivered during the day of your event and be handed over to guests as giveaways.

A Wine Tasting Guide for the Ladies

Possibly, many a time you must have seen people smelling, swirling, and sipping wine, and then spitting it like it tasted real bad. Perhaps this must have left you wondering why people do all this. What does this mean? Well, this is the real way to taste wine. If you too want to enjoy the experience of tasting wine like experts then there are some steps given below to help you. The more you learn the intricacies, the more will you enjoy wine tasting, and it surely is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Assess wine by its appearance

Firstly, you need to tilt the glass of wine and hold it right in front of your face. This will help you assess the color and shades of the wine. If you want to enjoy an even better look, then it will be best to hold your glass in front of some white backdrop. Look for clarity and intensity. If there is any haziness or if it’s cloudy then the wine is unfiltered. The color of wine clearly depicts its age. An old wine will have a deeper color and a younger wine will have a lighter shade.

Now, swirl your glass lightly in a way that it coats the entire glass bowl. When you drink from your glass, a thin liquid film will be created in the interior part that will create droplets which are known legs. These legs will help you determine the wine’s body. If the legs are thick then your wine has a full body and if it is thin then it has a light body.

Assess by aroma

If you want to experience the actual smell of your wine then too giving it a swirl is essential. When you give it a swirl the wine will react with oxygen releasing an aroma, and this will make the wine taste even better.

Now, keep your mouth slightly open and keep your nose close to the glass’ edge. Breathe deeply and let the aroma enter your nose. Rest for a few minutes and then repeat this procedure. This is the best way to assess the wine by its aroma. You need to look for smells like fruity or floral. If the wine smells like cardboard or releases a damp smell then it is a corked wine. This is the result of the wine being infected by a fungus known as TCA, which no more allows you to experience the actual smell of that wine. It is not necessarily harmful, but it can certainly affect the taste.


This wine tasting step needs quite a lot of time before you get the hang of it. Your very first sip needs to be followed by inhaling a little air from your mouth. This might seem to be a little difficult initially, but keep trying and you will master it. You need to aerate the wine and discover more scent for your tongue as well as your nose. This step is called trilling.

After you have sipped the wine you need to keep rolling it over your tongue for just a few seconds and next gulp it. While gulping the wine do not forget to exhale. This will make both your taste buds and smelling power work simultaneously. Now, just like you would swish a mouthwash, swish the wine so that your mouth is completely coated. The back of your mouth that connects to your nasal cavity has this tiny passageway with strong smell receptors, and it has a direct connection to your brain. When you follow this method of smelling the glass of wine through your mouth the process is called retro-olfaction.


The last wine tasting step is known as evaluation. You need to take yet another sip, the last one. Now spit it or gulp it, and carefully observe for how long the taste and smell of the wine linger in your mouth. The longer it stays the better is the quality of the wine.

Developing the ability to understand the taste, smell, and quality of wine does take some practice and a little time. Keep up with Singapore’swinetasting and taste the different types of wine, and it will make your sensory organs more active, helping you determine the quality of wine with absolute ease.


Photographs of your wedding – The best of best memories

Are you planning get wed locked soon, and are you in search for the best camera man to shoot your dream day? This will give you a solution. Always picking a best photographer remains a tedious task due to wide varieties of camera men available near the locality or referred through friends or relatives. It is better to write down your expectations towards your camera man like technology and camera lens they use for capturing the photo, approximate number of photos, types of shots, and the minimum and maximum price you have for them, and etc.

Wedding lock

As to the title, it is not a lock that makes one unhappy or closed for ever, Wedding lock is something that joins two hearts to the best of best heart who can share their life forever with complete happiness beyond all the worries and tiffs they have in between. Most of the people around the world love photographs of their own even in regular outings with friend, relatives and their partners, but everyone who gets married love to view the best shot of them (it is not meant for him or her, it is meant for the picture of the love smiling couple).

Some of the important factors and considerations that you really want to look into a photographer before you book them are mentioned below. If you find the one who matches the utmost factors addressed here, then your lovely wedding photography is done to the best.

  • Availability of them on your wedding day
  • Number of days and hours they can be with you
  • Cost per hour or per day
  • Accommodation facility
  • Read their reviews
  • Check with their style of photography.
  • Last but not the least the budget.

It is not like the one who costs you less is better than the other one who costs more, think of their camera lens and think how professional they are. So finally, be happy and choose your camera man and get your dream day shoot in a dream way.

Professional Japanese Translators
International wedding? Personal legal documents, such as marriage certificates, need to be translated by professionals with certified translation experience to ensure context and accuracy – Is there any other reason not to use the services of Professional Japanese Translators that ONLY assigns legal translation to an experienced & certified Japanese translator?