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What is photography? Probably many of you have had this question at some point without finding the right answer. Is photography an art, a science, an interesting passion, or just a simple job? Photography is a science, but at the same time an art between passion and craft.Check it out.

Solaris Studios makes photography an art in the true sense of the word. Photography should not be understood at all as an imitation of nature. On the contrary, any image taken by the photographer carries the fruits of his imagination.

Above all, like any other form of artistic expression, photography allows photographers to express their emotionsand feelings through images. The photographer comes in direct contact with the subject he perceives and takes a photo in a different way from how it actually appears.

A bit of history

It is very true that photographic art is based on technical knowledge, because the process through which a photograph was made from the very beginning is based on numerous technical discoveries. Based on technical knowledge dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries AD, photography was born at the beginning of the 19th century and was a form of artistic expression superior to painting and sculpture because it could surprise more details than the two arts. Gradually, photography as a science has evolved, photographic techniques have improved from one period to the next, because nowadays, photos are taken with the best performing cameras. You can find out more about this here.

In 1862, in France, there was an important dispute about the status of photography as an art. Everything started from the simple fact that a photographer was using the creations of another one without asking him the right to do so. At that time, copyright was granted only to art subjects, and photography was not considered an art in the true sense of the word at that time.

Towards the end of the 19th century, many painters embraced realism, which offered photographers the chance to focus their attention on artworks in romanticism, which is why their photos have become more and more expressive and original. It is only from 1910, after many discussions, that photography gets its art title after the first photo exhibition takes place in a major American museum.

So, the scientific aspect of photography is the basis of art itself, to which is added the photographer’s imagination and creative spirit. Bringing together the knowledge of photographic techniques with the artist’s own vision will make the photos fascinating and stunning for the viewer, as they will not be a cheap imitation of reality. Professional photographers believe that the photographer uses technical knowledge just to get his artwork done to express feelings and emotions.

The digital age

Nowadays, the photographic art has been revolutionized in the real sense of the word by the digital age. Photographs are bombed by fabulous camera presentations, without the artistic appearance of the photo being taken too much in consideration, even if its importance is just as essential. Photography is a science, but, more than that, it is an art and not an imitation, because the photographer presents his vision on the subject, not the subject itself.

Photography has gradually become a real passion for many people, especially as everyone now has a small camera. Lovers of photography are trying to convey a message to others through images. The genres of photography are numerous, and photographers will definitely choose the right style.

Even though photography seems accessible to everyone, not everyone understands or has the patience to learn photographic techniques. Things are not that simple.

There are photographers for whom passion knows no limits and want to become true masters. Most professional photographers treat photography as an art between passion and craft. Nothing can be more wonderful than to blend the useful with the pleasure, which is why photography is also a profession. However, for a photographer to live out of his passion, it takes a lot of work and sacrifice, because art requires sacrifices. However, when a photographer has reached a certain level, everything comes by itself, and photography is more than satisfying. It is a profession of the soul and mind, a profession in which art speaks.So photography is a science, art, passion, and a profession that transcends reality.

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