Top honeymoon destinations for 2018

For some of us 2018seems a long way off. In reality the next few months will fly by (as they always do) and it’ll be Christmas and New Year before you know it. But if you’re getting married next year, the big date must seem like it’s just around the corner and plans are in full swing.

If your 2013 honeymoon is top of your wedding agenda, but you’re getting bogged down in tickets, accommodation and single trip travel insurance it’s time to get things organised with a look at our top destinations for celebrating your nuptials in 2018.


It’s an oldie, but a goodie. There literally is nothing quite like visiting the world’s most romantic city for your honeymoon. We seem to be spending more and more on weddings, but during 2017 and heading on into 2018 many of us are looking to be a bit more frugal when it comes to the big day. So, rather than insisting on sunning yourself on the beach, why not treat yourself to some time with each other in some of the most elegant surroundings on the planet? There are Baroque and Byzantine buildings, along with quaint Italian restaurants to feed the stuff of love. Oh yeh, there’s the gondola rides too.


Medieval Marrakech has always been a favourite with boho-chic travellers, but is also a real hot spot for those looking for a honeymoon with a bit of a difference. The food is fantastic, the tight streets intriguing and the Berber, Arabic and Moorish heritage fascinating. You’ll find a number of stunning resorts, offering everything you require for the most romantic of getaways, as well as some extra little treats to add to the perfect memories. What about a hot air balloon ride at dawn over the city as it sleeps, taking in views of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert? It’s what dreams are made of.


For some of us, a honeymoon is all about white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. You know, that idyllic picture. The one that just screams perfection. For years now, the Maldives have provided this, but now we’re seeing more of a shift towards Belize as the real hotspot.

Not only are the beaches breathtaking and the diving awe-inspiring, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit dense jungle and once-in-a-lifetime Mayan ruins, as well as sacred caves, white-water rivers and waterfalls. It’s certainly one to write home about.


It’s starting to become everyone’s favourite destination; well those who’ve been there that is, but Croatia offers everything you need for the perfect honeymoon. There are beautiful beaches, as well as national parks with some picture perfect waterfalls ideal for a day out hiking. Dubrovnik is perfectfor a city honeymoon, as the beautiful walled medieval city makes for the perfect surroundings. Opt for a traditional, but up-market setting for your stay, with views over the river and the city; ideal at sunset. The city’s tight streets are ideal for a romantic moonlight walk and the chance to fall in love all over again.

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