Top Ideas Popcorn Makes Your Party Unique

People from all over the world love popcorn. This delectable snack has become a staple among moviegoers, street eaters, and just about every human being, young and old, who want to keep their taste buds satisfied during their free time.

But while popcorn is just about everywhere, its qualities as an all-around treat remain underrated. In fact, it is often snubbed because it is stereotyped as a movie snack, and not a versatile kind of junk food. However, serving popcorn at an event can make your occasion unique, and it’s all about knowing how to do it right.

So yes, if you have a popcorn machine that you can use, then it’s high time to position it in your upcoming event. Here are some ideas that you can use:

  1. Serve an unlimited supply of popcorn.

It is common for parties to have an open bar, wherein you can get all the drinks that you want. But how about unlimited serving of popcorn? Yes, this is a viable alternative to serving finger food in your party, especially when you will be hosting for a big number of guests who would be going in and out of your venue to socialize.

Rather than hand them rounds and rounds of sandwiches, giving them popcorn allows them to enjoy a lighter stomach before and after the main course dining in your event.

Unlimited popcorn servings are also common in children’s parties, mainly because kids like roaming around while munching some finger snack.

  1. Popcorn for theatrical events.

Meanwhile, if you are organizing a theatrical event or program (such as a small performance spectacle), then a good way to treat your guests is by handing them something traditional, i.e. popcorn. This is a good way to promote your event too, as your guests are able to enjoy the show with something to eat at the same time.

You may also serve popcorn (at least one serving for each guest), during other events such as seminars or workshops, as eating finger food allows your guests to stay focused and not fall asleep during lectures.

  1. Serve popcorn as giveaways.

Are you tired of the traditional party giveaways and souvenirs? Do you want something your guests would rather remember in terms of taste and scent rather than actual keepsake? Then you may want to give out popcorn stored in jars or fancy bags to your guests after they attend your event.

Popcorn giveaways are perfect for all kinds of occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, and even christenings. The best part of this is that you are also able to feature gourmet flavours to your popcorn treats, and these will make your guests keep their time shared with you cherished in their memory.

 How get unlimited supply of popcorn for your event

If you are thinking about bringing in the popcorn to your extravaganza, then you may have to contact a popcorn service provider to do the job. These service providers may set up a popcorn machine installation in your event where popcorn is given fresh and hot, or pre-packed in storage containers.

When setting up an on-the-spot serving, then a popcorn machine will be placed in your venue, and this will be the main spot as to where people will get their treat. This can be a great way to serve popcorn, regardless if you’re doing your party in an indoor or outdoor venue.

On the other hand, you may want to order popcorn in advance, including specifications such as flavours and packaging, so that these will be delivered during the day of your event and be handed over to guests as giveaways.

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